Quality Management Systems

What is a Quality Management System?

Quality Management Systems provide a structured approached to processing
and delivering customer requirements.


What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 provides your business with a structured process based
approach to quality management. Essentially, this means that your customers receive the product and service they require!
ISO 9001 therefore provides the necessary structure for any organisation wishing to:

  • Demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product/service that meets customers requirements
  • Demonstrate its ability to consistently provide a product/service that meets applicable regulatory requirements
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 is based upon eight management principles. These are as

  • Customer focused: the need to understand customer requirements and expectations
  • Leadership: required to meet company objectives
  • Involvement of people: essential to ensure a company wide approach and effort to meet company objectives
  • Process approach: making sure resources and activities are managed as a process
  • System approach: effectively manage a system of interrelated processes
  • Continual improvement: this should be a permanent objective of any organisation
  • Factual approach to decision making : based on logical and analysis of data and information
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships : an organisation and supplier are interdependent and this can enhance the ability of both


Why implement ISO 9001?

The implementation of ISO 9001 provides your business / organisation
with a structured, customer focused management system designed to ensure customer satisfaction. The benefits of ISO 9001 are as follows:

  • Financial: the effective operation of your QMS enables consistent performance facilitating repeat business
  • Quality Control and Compliance: internal processes are undertaken in a structured manner allowing the company to comply with current legislation and standards
  • Customer Satisfaction: auditing processes ensure that continual improvement is realised in your process to the benefit of the customer and therefore the business

ISO 9001 requires organisations to continually improve. Businesses
that strive for improvement don't get left behind!


Our services at a glance:

  • ISO 9001 Implementation
  • ISO 9001 Gap Analysis
  • System Maintenance
  • Quality Management System Auditing
  • Quality Management System Audit Training



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