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The business community is becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, their own impact on environment and the impact those businesses and organisations they associate themselves with. This, combined with increasing environmental legislation, puts business under the environmental spotlight more than ever before and negative press in this area can have serious consequences. Thus it makes good business sense to manage your environmental impact as an integrated part of your overall business operation.


What is an Environmental Management System (EMS)?

An Environmental Management System (EMS) provides your business with a structured management framework for identifying, evaluating and continually improving your environmental performance. Environmental Management Systems are based on standards, such as ISO 14001, which specify a process of achieving continual environmental improvement and for complying with relevant environmental legislation.


What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard which defines the elements required for an EMS to be complete and effective. ISO 14001 operates a planning, implementation, monitoring and review management cycle that facilitates the continual improvement of your environmental performance and the commitments as set out in an Environmental Policy.


ISO 14001 ensures that the EMS is implemented throughout the organisation and that employees, contractors and suppliers know their roles and responsibilities in helping you to maintain and achieve your environmental standards and objectives.


Who developed the ISO 14000 standards?

ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) standards are developed by Technical Committees (TCs). The ISO 14000 series was developed by TC 207, which includes representatives from over 50 countries around the world. Each country sends its experts to the TC meetings to write, edit, and agree on the language to be included in each standard.


Why Implement ISO 14001?

The implementation of ISO 14001 has a number benefits for your business and for the environment. These can be summarised as follows:


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Implementing ISO14001 will further enhance your standing in the market place by providing evidence to customers and potential customers that you take your environmental responsibility seriously. This will be evident to them through your commitment to comply with relevant environmental legislation and because your EMS has been independently audited.


Legislative Compliance:

Environmental legislative compliance is an essential part of the management system. ISO 14001 requires that a process is in place for highlighting relevant environmental legislation and that you can show compliance. As ignorance is no defence, being proactive in this area has obvious business benefits.


Certifiable framework:

ISO 14001 provides you with a certifiable EMS framework, which has a number of benefits. Independent verification of your system from a UKAS (see ‘Getting Registered’ section) accredited organisation reinforces its credibility and helps to provide commitment at all levels due to the initial goal of registering to ISO 14001. The independent audit process also ensures that the system is working and showing continual improvement.


Combined Environmental and Financial Objectives:

Reducing your environmental impact can also help to achieve financial objectives. For example, effective utility and waste management can often produce significant savings. At Passingham Associates we can offer energy management services:

  • These include:
    • Energy Legislation – ESOS, CRC, DECS and EPCs
    • Carbon Reduction – Energy Auditing, Energy Policies, Carbon Footprinting and Monitoring and Targeting
    • Energy Accreditation - Carbon Trust Standard / ISO 50001


In addition to cost savings through effective utility management, business is often further increased by simply marketing the fact that you are registered to ISO 14001.


Sustainable Development:

Most of us are acutely aware of both global and national environmental issues such as global warming, air/water/land contamination and habitat loss. To ensure that future generations have the same opportunities and resources, we have to develop in a sustainable way. Whilst this is a difficult and complicated area, ISO 14001 helps to ensure that you move forward in a sustainable manner and demonstrates that you are taking your corporate responsibility seriously.



Our services at a glance:

  • Full ISO 14001 implementation
  • Environmental Review and Gap Analysis
  • Internal Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Audit Training
  • Energy Management Services:
    • Energy Legislation – ESOS, CRC, DECS and EPCs
    • Carbon Reduction – Energy Auditing, Energy Policies, Carbon Footprinting and Monitoring and Targeting
    • Energy Accreditation - Carbon Trust Standard / ISO 50001

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